Sunday, June 5, 2011

meet HIM.


whoa! it was a very long and tiring week. wedding here and there. plus my own brother weds really need my 500% effort to make it clean and smooth. heart you.

well, got a lot of memories that i snap before and after the weds. chaos, ouh please don't mention how stress i was. i really need a very comfort night after all. comfort. yes. mentioning comfort i remember about him. thanx to him because really helps me. we sung along. baldu biru. perfect.

cinta si baldu biru, yang kau berikan dulu, ternyata hanya palsu. HAHA.

well, he told me that someone in his workplace called him Remy Ishak. geli-geleman. he is the biggest fan of my favorite football team enemy. i hate him.

thats all.

p.s: give me your number if you want to know him closer. :))

WL: enabcantiksangat


Anonymous said...

ni num saya,
call call!

btw, hye! :D

maizatul suraya said...

amboi. HAHAHA!!

Nana Miyuki said...

No sayua..

maizatul suraya said...

nana miyuki: HAHA.. semangat sehhh!