Sunday, November 15, 2015


Randomly, I am going to highlights some topic based on what I feel weekly. I know, quite random, but I guess it is the best way for myself letting all my drama days.


Jobs, relationships, social works, and workouts. It never upside down before. I mean, I will jot down everything that matters, reschedule everything based on the importance scale, and make sure everything that I have done is completely following the due date. I am a particular person, yet crazy-dramatic some other time.

Few days ago, I have these kinds of conflicts, between my job, my love life, and my family life. I am a family person. I put FAMILY as my first priority while my job and love life sharing the second place. The story goes like I have a date, a movie date with my dear. And need to settle down marking test papers and put the marks on SAPS system ASAP. I did my job well, unfortunately, my senior colleagues keep pushing me to do something that I don't like which is printing the marks and giving it to them. Since I have movie date (it is 007 Spectre movie date kind), I postpone the stupid AF demand from them. Still, I am powerless when it comes to my parents demand when they asked me to bring them to Klang for a wedding. Well, even though I am kind of rejecting some wedding, I still have to bring my parents to Klang. Again, I called my dear to postponed the movie time. I guess I don't have to elaborate his reaction.

Bullshit is when he became an irresponsive person. He's not acting matured, yet becoming weird day by day. I know, he's losing his job, but it doesn't mean he has to be an immatured-responsive person.

I hope next week will be better and happiest week since last week of long working hours. Oh yeah, maybe the perfect week to give my dear back what is his.