Friday, May 6, 2011

10 items you can't live without


hello awesome peeps! well today i'm gonna tell you what is my must-bring items and must-have items! let's find out guys!

subject : 10 items i can't live without

item 1 : card holder.

a card holder must have mycard, a license cert, acc card and most of all my passport picture. (wtfish!) well, you know, as kaki gonjengans like me must bring all this important stuffs every day or else, i won't step out from my college. i really mean it. other things that i frequently forget to bring is my student id card. so, most of time i didn't get any special student price to catch any movie or even to play bowling. 

item 2 : my ELKEN stuffs.

HAHA. well, i should admit about this. i have spent about thousands, and why not i put ELKEN as my 10 items that i can't live? of course, the hygiene products, the pills. all in one. i love ELKEN. :)

item 3 : watches.
well, i'm kinda person who cannot live w/o any numbers. HAHA. lying. i am a person who don't like to be late for some red alert event. but somehow, i always late for class. isn't that a kind of red alert or is it me think that class is okay if being late? HAHA.

item 4 : bottles of plain water.

urghh! i need plain water by now. well, as i can say, plain water is one of my must have item. i could fainted if i don't get any. uhh pehh-liss! i need it now~ *gulp gulp*

item 5 : handphone.

well, i must say, it sounds so cliche. friends, even i don't like sounds cliche, i must admit, handphones or any other cellular items really important for some reason. even me like to left my handphone in my room while i go to my friend's room, i always feel uneasy or awkward (the right word actually) because i'm thinking if i have some emergency calls from home, hospital. urghh! sorry~

item 6 : books.

*jangan ketawa* yes. i cannot live without books. any books. reading type, it can be heavy novels, light mags, comics or anything else. even the brochures. i love reading. no. i just enjoy reading. well you know, living in metropolitan pushing me to read anything because of the kesesakan no matter where. 

item 7 : hygienes.

well, despite of ELKEN products, i also needs toothbrush and else. like, shower cream, shampoo, and lots lots of water. macam pergi outdoor, must bring sanitary yang pakai buang tu. if tak, jenuhlahh..(well, yg ni pun baru belajar masa outdoor baru-baru ni)

item 8 : nail clipper.

this multifunction item should bring anywhere i go. i mean badly have to bring this. as example, you got an accident and need to covered some stitches. well, you can use nail clipper to cut piece of your shirt and stop bleeding to run out. besides, you can use nail clipper just like what we used to use nowadays.

item 9 : safety pins.

like in item 8, safety pins really helps during your what-can-i-do times. even my friends when i was secondary said that i am Raja Pin Sedunia because i bring a lot of safety pins during schooltime.

item 10 : a pen with a note book.
well, it is really important to me to jot down any important things when i am away. this kind of item became my must have and must bring since i got my license cert. in my car, i have at least a pen. and in my hand bags, also got one pen with a small note book. i don't know maybe i could have one iPad, so this item will no longer be my best one. HAHA.


so, enough to say that i really enjoy doing this kind of 10's. wonder when you gonna starts yours. and if you already start it, well done dear!!!!!!

till then,

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