Saturday, January 29, 2011

it is weird, i still love each them.


hye guys. so hope you guys have a really really good day today. i have diarrhea and almost 10 times i spent at the parlour. btw, i miss my all my sweet dear friends.

well, today, there have some battle of the band and my band was participating too. tell you what, they are really good but they losing it in another way. some of the speaker tells that the judges want some hard rock criteria, not like them.  but anyway, they really good playing notes and bla-bla. i know because i was with them though it just not a long period time.

we have some misunderstood before and i decided to left the band before last semester's end. i know, being with them even for a month hurts me so bad. but the weird thing is, i love being hurt if only they hurt me. what the fh i really think now actually? well guys, actually i want to say that i love to be part of the band because it is my dream before. jamming together, singing together. cat fighting together. HAHA!
sound check together. imy chalks!

to THE CHALKS, it is nice to be with you guys. i still remember those days when we discussed our band's name. heart each of you, so bad.

WL: enabcantiksangat

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