Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i have bruises on my face.


it's a small thing when you have some injuries during your school day. i mean, your daily sport life. i have a lot of bruises since i was called sports science student.

my first bruises started when my i was in foundation. the pain really take a few weeks to heal, however, i have to face the same rough activities day by day. the latest, on my face. i was bumped by my friend's knee when i played netball. yeah. on her knee. strike to my right eyes. and last week on the same day, my lips was bleeding when i played soccer.

i have a lot of sprains and makcik urut number as well. in my daily sports life, makcik urut is the first person i will called when i was injured during any games or exams. makciks like makcik rokiah and kak yan is one of them. but the most makcik i will prefer is makcik gintell (rest 'n' go) at any superstores. yeah. 5 ringgit would be nice. and the services were really really efficient.

my daily sport life was better than any athlete life like my friend haris and my cousin hanif, both are rugby player. they might have a lot of injuries (inner part would be worst), sprains and bruises, but they enjoy it.

well, my bruises wasn't like rihanna's before. so, i am still fortunate person and it really give me spirits to play more and learn more (gosh, like milo's ads). plus, i am really grateful because i have more chances to be healthier and happier in person.

i love SPORTS.

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