Sunday, January 23, 2011

in pairs.


yesterday i went to batu kawan with fendy and yaya for instructing some communities there. well, all makciks already know the steps and i saw some tak-puas-hati look but i don't even mind. though we are the only person who sweats like a pig, and we also late, at least we did our part well and didn't make some trouble. we respect you as the eldest but at least,by understanding our position should be nice. we're not from nibong tebal or batu kawan as well as you. we are from bukit mertajam. and it takes 30-45 minutes to reach your place. you want us to to reach there before 7.15am. and it wasn't fair actually. i'd instructed so many place. and this is my first time i have to instruct before 8am. i've heard when you said you want to go to batu kawan stadium tomorrow for having another enjoyable aerobic. listen and read me, idfc! you want to go, go ahead. if you don't want to join my class next time, you pleased. but please lah makciks, if i am respecting you, why don't you respect me and my team as well? stop those crappy talk makciks! you will and you dare regrets!

on the other hands, i spent my noon by finishing my moral project video. well, i am amateur guys. i don't even care if you to laugh and make this as your cerita kedai kopi. what i know is i still need a lot of experiences and masters for guiding me to make perfect and superb vids. so, you are the lucky one to see heard about this first. and i really need helps for you guys. i really really hope that you can donate some old clothes and a little pennies to help the unlucky one. 50cents really means to their life. please.

thank you.

WL: enabcantiksangat

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