Saturday, April 16, 2011

senyum sikit sikit.


hai readers. hope you have a great saturday today. well, i have good saturday actually. that is why i wrote senyum sikit sikit as title.

well friends, it is good when we started our day with smile and the day will smiling back (as result happy day-LAH!) ... btw, my i've done my pretty best on MUET tadi. so far, this english to english lesson that i wrote and let you guys read (though it sounds garbage gila) but at least, i remember those word that i used to use often. like oftenly. there is no oftenly actually. when i started to wrote it, i make a long                                                so i change it to often. yeah, thanx chrome. thanx for your red underlining. despite of that, i also repeated my same foolishness when i just wrote y for why. derr? jerk kan? (itulah, tulis kasi penuh lain kali)....

so, how was your MUET? isn't that cool when you have good band for your first time test? i have to admit. i'm really good at speaking, but not in public. i prefer discussion. you know. like person to person, interview. but please, don't give the speech. i'm getting nervous when i on stage, alone. (ala, hari tu individu pun gabra..)

till then.

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