Friday, April 15, 2011

how i've fooled by myself.


well readers, as you read mine before, i've stated that i'm kinda busy finishing my assignments and my portfolio. yes, i did so. but why i still look like frustrated upon something, right?

well the answer is simple. i am fool. i am dork. i let myself sleep before i did sent all my portfolios and assignments. and my marks will be down, as far as myself couldn't imagine.

i told you guys before, that i wanna change, from somenone, to someone. i wanna be better person in future, but i let the future darks before i change myself. how pathetic!

now say, am i really a LOSER actually?

till then, don't feel sorry for me. scold me!!!!

now it kept playing --> LOSER DOUBLE LOSER GOT A PICTURE WHATEVER!!!!!

1 comment:

kak anem said...

huuu...xtau nak komen ape....saba k..pasni jgn wat lagi la...