Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sejuta terima kasih.


i don't want to talk about what happened with my MUET test. all i could say is, i should prepared and not take it easy. it is about life, and more, it is about myself.

however, today, i learnt so many things which i can conclude it as one. i don't cherish the time. i simply used it and wasted it. but somehow, all the punishment made me to think wisely and maturely. i am future teacher. i am going to teach my student to be on time. but what will happen if me myself couldn't manage my time? and what would happen if my student cross back what i am doing now?

dear encik zarani.
i am sorry (even i know you won't read this) for being selfish. i am too thinking about myself as far as i don't think about my classmates, and especially you. i believe, all this should be a good lesson for me to be a good teacher tomorrow.

encik alyes
to my heart, encik alyes.
yes, i admit. i am the one who you expelled from jabatan late this afternoon. and i am the one who also late for ten minutes. i am sorry for not thinking about your orang rumah or even worse, your football class. it should be my own responsible to be on time and not making others wait, especially you. i adore your leadership, and i adore your fatherhood. you just like my dad, with your funny jokes and when you got mad, it shows your love, not your abhorrence.

to all my friends, especially yaya and naim, oh. fariz also. sorry for zillions times. i made you guys waiting. and i know. it is all my fault. i'm acting immaturely. and i admit, you guys are getting annoyed with me. but yet, still, thanks for your moral support by smiling even your heart was broken.

and to my best kawan sampai mati 'afifah farah syamira bt abu hassan.

thanks for being understanding. lend me your shoulder and your bed late this morning. and by being selfish, i just let you alone doing the powerpoint presentation. even i know, the quality still like one person did, but at least i know, deep in my heart said that you are good student yet a good friend. thanks a lot my heart, my soul. i definitely believe that people are only jealous upon you because you have such a strong personality that they couldn't break it ever. and i strongly believe that if i could push you ever, they will be jealous even more. so heart, sleep with me tonight please... let us done what people think you cannot done.

to everyone who did hurt with my attitude. i am sorry. zillions of sorry for each one of you.

and sejuta terima kasih for those who taught me lessons. i really appreciate it.

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