Sunday, February 27, 2011



well. happy sunday all. nice wind and sun today. such a perfect day to do laundry and outing. no more zainab! enough lah yesterday.

so, yesterday i did my cash flow like whoaa~ actually guys, so many $$$ in bank make me worry so bad. that is why i have to draw it so i have worry no more -.-" tepuk dahi anda.

semalam niat hati nak beli 2 benda.DUA benda oke. printer and shoes for girl guide. and i did. unfortunately, the makcik from kedai shawl and ladylike promoter called and try to persuade me to buy some stuff from them. begitu kurang ajar. girls yang so grrrr from kedai step pun sama. attracted me to buy their rm25 wedges so i can look tinggi. buset tol. memanglah aku rendah.jgnlah hina mcm tu*winkwink*. but, still have to thank them for being nice and trying to help me to decrease my saving -.-" thanks a lot alll!


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