Saturday, February 5, 2011

i am.


well guys. i am happy now. my dear 20 years bestfriend finally meet me. even it is just an hour meeting, its explain everything. from korea to malaysia. i really mean everything! she tells me about how well she's doing there. how advanced korean technologies are. how important appearance when you find a job. and how well the train advertised plastic surgery. and she told me that most of pop singers are fake! totally fake. from top to toe. and iphone technology, well actually, it comes from samsung. ouh. stop crying lah all iphone users. we well know that korea are more progressive than US right?

as a full time malaysian, i told her about what is happening here. mostly in kajang lah. takkan nak cerita benda lain kan? and i am very shocked! after 3 weeks holiday, she don't even reach pekan kajang. isk, malu je la oyin.. but then i told her about penang. yeah. a place that i spent my life since 4 years ago. about my study, my friends and about my future planning. everything must completely fine. no butt hurt story, no more sadness. it's all fine.

and i asked her about her summer holiday. yeah, you know right? i don't want to missed another meeting to meet her. well, she's my 20 years best friend though. so, she told that she's probably coming home for summer. and i just smile and said, no more hiding things, oke? and we smiled and XOXO.

well oyin. no matter what, you are still my best friend. may our friendship last forever. heart you girl!

thanks for reading mine!

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