Saturday, February 26, 2011

progressing assignment.


well, today i would like to spending most of my time at jusco, insyaAllah. so much things to buy and i have loads of assignments to be settled. so my first step, buying printer. i was like, 3 years in maktab, and this is my 3rd time i change my printer.

so, here we go, my progressing assignment.

PJM 3107 -  gimnastik. 65% done.
PJM 3108 -  outdoor. not yet start.
PJM 3109 -  football and netball. 35% done.
PKE 3102 -  keselamatan. 25% start.
EDU 3104 -  pendidikan. not even look at the question.
ELM 3101 -  moral. still finding the article.
WAJ 3114 -  waiting for BIG session, but overall, 15% start.
PBS           -  i have to looking back my previous attachment.

so sekarang, kewajaran untuk beli printer mmg dah layak. oke. sampai masa bicara lagi.

WL: enabcantiksangat

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