Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the pros and cons.


well, semalam dan kelmarin tak online. so what the h kan? ada ke sesape peduli? oke. perasan. tak,tak. aku nak cerita tentang semalam. yeap. semalam. takde bantahan? oke. bagus.

semalam, aku dan rumet tersayang did something which might make the bold eric leong hilang kerja. we painted, we decorated and we made huge transformations. new colour, new mix and match things, and yeap, new comforter for our room. and it made me feel like i don't want to get out from my room and just stay and sleep all day long.

but the cons is, i have back ache as a result by felling down from my chair during my last touch of painting. but thanks to Allah for letting it happen after 98% painting job done. then, demam. bit damn on it. i don't hate fever, but a bit disliking running nose. tidur je, bersin, tersumbat. all this because kitorang redah hujan masa beli tikar getah hari tu. naik motor. so, faham kan?

so today, i am kind of lucky. my friends, lecturers. all them understood. rest all noon. no uniform for today, just rest and sleep.

goodnight all. rest well. sleep well. eat well.
thanks for viewing and reading.

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