Thursday, February 3, 2011

and i...


well, today i'm doing nothing. 
just cooking some and buy some.
i have no jogetjoget mood for today.
i am hurt.

last night, i spend my night waiting out from my house.
the CNY celebration from my elite chinese neighbor. 
they have fun. so do i.

but the most part that hurt me well is,

my 20 years best friend.

she didn't tell me personally that she's home. since 20 january guys!
i feel so frustrated and betrayed.

after all, since she is my 20 years old best buddy, i guess i will forget about it.
and tell my another best friend about her. 
how could she! 
isk iskkk!!

btw, welcome HOME


so tall, so skinny, so beautiful! kau ni petua korea btol!

i miss you dear!
p.s: nak call ruhaya. mengadu sal oyien neh!

WL: enabcantiksangat


Hanis MY said...

cantiknyaa macam scene kat jepun jer

maizatul suraya said...

HANIS: ohh. ni kat korea. dia belajar kt sane. :)