Thursday, March 21, 2013

# so young and fragile.

assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello pals.

i've got a news my dear 13y/o brother was fainting in his school late this afternoon. thanks to Ayah for letting me know about that.

well friends, do you have brothers or sisters?
how do you feel about them when they are out from home maybe to school or having great times with friends? to tell truth, i put huge worried when it happens.

my siblings started from me are very fond to each other. we're doing everything yet fight and get jealous of each other. we have the power of siblings to precise. and for that, i keep worrying about them.

Laily, oh. she is the only not-so-little sister of me. even she has the gigantism size, it never help myself think she could stand at one place without any of us. oh. just a stupid notion. then, i ask her to think twice when the boarding school issue's in. i just want her to get great memories and experience to know people and get a little older than her age. besides, she's the only sister i have. i want the best for her.

Boboy. he is sweet and fragile. he is the most sensitive person in my family. he always keep his anger inside. he is my cry baby. he is the most i have worried about. he has the dark look with a round shape and wearing glass. i am okay with that, because i love him, i was the one who look after him when my parents went to Mecca once before. he's round because i always cook whatever he want. but to be true, i'm also worried about his physical look. sometimes, the TV's tell me how cruel the world is. they treat people like that person don't have right to living life peacefully. that is what i'm worried about. i'm afraid if his seniors in junior high school treat him badly. i'm afraid if he gets bullied. i'm afraid if all negatives put him down. oh, i am just afraid.

Azam. my younger brother. 14y/o out from my age. he is lucky. everything he wanted, he will get it. he also brave but not so the brain. i always worried how he treat other people. speak what he want to speak sometimes it helps, some other time it will hurts. he's round, glassy and taller. he has the criteria of the bullies. oh crap! that is the MOST I EVER WORRIED! i'm afraid if he lose his track when he get surrounded by the bully people.

well friends, i don't care to share my worries, because i know, every kids is young and fragile. they need us as we need them as the apple of our eyes. i know, sometimes it is just too ridiculous, but somehow, the worries brought me to be a better sister.

with that, love your kids. concern about their needs.

love, RZ.

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