Sunday, March 17, 2013

# release and forget.

just a good evening. Assalamualaikum everyone.

I just saw him. yeap. him. my 5 years part time lover. and his new car. and his gf. whatever. the point is, I realize, over these 5 years, you taught me how to be a good Raja Zainab. how to be a better person. and how to look some point from some other perspective.

"dear you.
i know, it is hard to forget you. 3 years wasn't a short period for me. you have become my secret love before, and this 5th year really the best year for me to forget.  i know, we have been through rough and plough together. sharing thought and everything. yes, i admit it is hard for me to forget.

by seeing you, living your life happily with your love one, makes me realize, i have to move on. yes. since the last day i know you never be mine, i told myself moving on is the best. but still, it never happen. i am still looking for you, yet still need you to be my wake up call every time i need to done my assignments. oh, how i miss you boy.

remember, when i told you my friend likes you? you just follow my advice. do made a call and have a chat with her. deep inside, i just tear my own heart. but it is okay. i chose this way. and always thanks to you because always be by my side even i know, there is no way for me to make this feeling real.

and remember when i need you while i'm working at Ukay's? and how i need you to accompany me to Istana Budaya? and how i need you to brought me to see Anis when she needs me right before she got operated then we go to Damansara to get your advance birthday present? how i miss our days. really miss that.

there a so many memories between us. and i think this is the perfect time for me to move on. i need to find somebody that can place the missing puzzle. i have plenty of friends, but i don't really found some other you. maybe i am choosy, or maybe there is always you inside me. don't worry, i will let myself moving on and get the happiness as you do.

thank you sir. you are the only best teacher.

regards, your only Raja Zainab."

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