Tuesday, March 26, 2013

# Chicken Wrap Tortilla

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and happy Tuesday.

as i promise myself to make tortilla for breakfast today, i made it and ayah as always will condemn because he love mek's nasi lemak. HAHA. but he really proud of me and said, " well adik, today's achievement will be our next presentation on Hari Raya instead of my lovely mee rebus and your favourite spaghetti".

my brother, Boboy, said, "it's really delicious acik! best than toasted twister (well, i add. HAHA).

i may not good at looking, but once you bite me, you'll be mine!
i just use as simple as i could because on this end of month, my wallet doesn't cooperate with me well :(

so, the ingredients are,

one pack of potato tortilla (one pack equal to 5 pieces)
salads (as much as you wish)
onions (chopped diced)
marina tempura nuget (chopped)
sausages (or it will taste lot better if you use meatloaf)
cheeses (i use pepperoni and mozarella)
spices (thyme are my most favourite spice)
and mayonnaise (as much as you wish)

at first, i deep fried the nugget first and let the sausages oven baked. then i do the leceh things like chopped the onions, and salads. as the nugget well cooked, and sausages already baked, i will chopped them into pieces and heat the frying pan. i put a piece of tortilla into the frying pan and put all the ingredients altogether. all this i could done only 30 minutes. and tadaaaaa~~~ the breakfast on heat y'all!!

till then,

love, RZ.

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