Saturday, March 23, 2013

# Fly..High..

assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello friends.

remember, how i am so hard trying to forget my secret love?

well, today, i try my best to move on. using my cute adorable flirting skills, zapss! it works! thanks to All Women Stalk by helping me to control the moment.

i read it. yes. it kind of my personal research. whoever know me, i am big time loser. i will spoiled every good time moments and crushed every single efforts from somebody (and yes, a guy, precisely). i always acting poser, and it never long-last. Laily know how it happened, right sister?

today, it was kinda shocked that he who-i-suppose-not-to-reveal-yet had cancelled his plan because of my "Alaaaaaa" message. i am just playing around, makes some hambar jokes, but he takes it as serious. awwww~~ we're out somewhere, having his breakfast (oh, here i was look like some noobs) and watching a movie called Olympus Has Fallen which i am sooooo freaking excited because of Gerard Butler plays as hero!!

but before the date happened, i was jumping here and there, sms-ing with my bff, what to do, what to wear, is it too much if i'm wearing a wedges etc etc. but when i came up, i realize, it is not so hard to be myself. i just wear what i want to wear (but it also tips from AllWomanStalk). we're chatting, telling how his life so far, what makes me today and lots on (which i think it is too much to share).

we are just these close, and i hope Allah will lead the best on my life. hopefully. aameen.

love, .RZ.

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