Friday, July 22, 2011

i am used to..

i am used to.

be the best student.
be the better track and field athlete.
be my school best volley player.
be a good muslimah and great daughter.
and granddaughter.
be the best friend of anyone.
be the best encourage people.

but please read carefully.
it's all in past tense.
shows that it happen before.
and please Allah.
make it happen again, forever.
till i meet You in future.

hye friends. hope you fine and in happy mode. :)

while i pick this topic, my mind keep telling me that please remember what did my past taught me. and please share with rest of my beloved friends and families.

this story was told by a friend of mine. and she wants me to share with my dearest.

"i'm used to be a very rebellious person. or student to be exact. my past life full with joy and sometimes i just forget what is God function if i can manage my own world. i did make friends with some of too good and too bad people. i know each of them. oh yes, bisexual is my life before. even my family doesn't know what happen in my teenage world. i've got numbers of boyfriends and girlfriends. my social life was really suck but by that time, i still feel that my world is my heaven. years past, then i heard my boyfriend car crushed and he died immediately. i just cried. past few month after my boyfriend died, rumors spreading about my girlfriend was kidnapped when she walks home. well, it still doesn't effect me. until one day, there's come a news that she wasn't kidnapped, but she had a ride with her boyfriend but she was burnt after that. police believed that it is about jealousy. her boyfriend cannot be tracked. then i've got some blackmailing telling that i am the next. i was afraid. i don't know what i am gonna do. i asked my dad,and  i did ask forgiven because of my tragic love between man and woman. my dad shocked and he told that he will try to help me. few days later, my dad sent me to kedah to stay with my uncle. for once, i feel totally saved. while staying my uncle place, his wife always ask me to accompany her to some religious occasions. well, at first i just followed because i'd promised to my dad that i will listen and be polite if i want to stay safe. after one occasion to another, i feel calm and started to learn how to pray. one day, my dad called and said that blackmailer was caught and he is my girlfriend's boyfriend. when my dad ask me to come back home, he was shocked. it's all because of i want to keep staying in village. years past, i did married. and i hope my past will be my best teacher on my way to grab happiness." (AM, 2009)

thanks my friend. experience always be our best teacher. and your experience also can be our teacher. 

p.s : just a simple reminder to me. again AM, i miss you sis. call me when you free. i still use that old number.

WL: enabcantiksangat

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