Saturday, January 26, 2013

How everything went well, friend.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello Saturday.

Alhamdulillah. Allah is giving me a chance for having a great morning today, and i hope you have it once too. It is not a gloomy day when a sun rises so well and a cup of caffeine giving you much energy. Thank you Allah, for a bright sun today.

Dear friend, as much as you know about what just happened to me last week, it was in Allah's plan. i mean, those scratches on my car was a simple reminder to me in how to be a tolerate teacher. maybe i'm not giving them any harsh word, but deep inside, they were hurt by my action. some teachers told me that maybe the kids was aiming another teacher, who also driving a black shining new Viva (oh sounds berlagak here.. hehe). but, to me, i don't bother that. i am quite sure its about myself.

yesterday, i met Pak Andak. i told him about what just happen in my new school and i'm glad, he's telling me about REDHA.
 "well, Nab, Allah has His right to let this thing happen to you. you have to see this on the bright side. maybe, there has something you did in past time, or maybe Allah just wants to see on how you blend with this matter. Allah will never test His servant unless the servant was able. so, redha with this, and you'll find your own happiness."

he's right. 100% right.  i'm just thinking it too much. i guess i let myself wasting time on how to get revenge with those kids. oh sorry for that Enab.. but its not a time for you sorrowing yourself! bangkit!!!!!!!! Allahu Akbar!! He's Almighty!

behind this cloudy dejected story, i trust Allah much more. i trust on what He's planning a right better way for me. all i have to do just follow His way and see everything is His right. not mine. not yours. only Him.  i trust You, Allah. i trust You. and i trust You are giving Pak Andak an idea to help me either this problem or even the AR project. thank you Allah, for your blessing. i really owe You much.

well friend, this is how everything went well for me. i hope, it will help you whether you are in big case or any small problem. remember, it just a test from God. and you always pass it with bless if you pleased. :)

till then, love, RZ.

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