Friday, September 9, 2011

oh please! it's a fling!

7 things songs kept play in my MindP3. 
it was like
hey enab, he's just a fling, you know?

yaya~ i know it much than you do dear.
it just, urmm,, when you are far from his heart while the real things is you are just too close.
i don't feel like i have to get this thing really works.
he doesn't needs me. so why should i feel its going to be work, right?
just glancing and smiling.
does it look okay?
yes, it did.
how about the 'third-party'?
is 'she' okay with that?
what i'm thinking, taking him, make he loves me.
and forgetting about others heart?
sounds not me.

so, please. 
i have to forget you and make it clean.
i believe, i can.
even my heart beating playing your song.
but it is the right time to forget you, now.


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