Thursday, September 8, 2011

love youth, love your country!


something noble is never easy to do - Dato' Prof Ir. Dr. Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar, Vice Chancellor of UiTM.

hi friends! how do you do? well, i wish Selamat Hari Raya and happy birthday for those who celebrated. XOXO from me. :)

dear, what is the first thing comes to your mind when i said discipline? is it a teacher with "rotan"? or some races fighting? or just "pancitkan tayar cikgu tu"? how about self discipline? did you imagine about waking up late? or managing myself out? 

okay stop.

now let us see what is discipline all about. well, i said that a discipline is a routine that a human saw, did or heard everyday. well, i don't want to refer any Wiki's discipline definition. it just come along with my facts. that's all. in school, for example, students may lack of disciplines because they are exposed to too many negativity norms. as we could see, all medias like radios, tvs', newspapers, will brought these negativity right to their mind and poof! teenagers, they are more like fires, so the negativity will spreading in secs. don't be shocked, because, it is true hollywood stories

as an adults, it is our responsibility to help them. disciplinary is not about judging or punishing. it is about to educating youth. not to mention, teachers and parents should be together handling these matter. medias also. they should play a role with positive things. yayaya~ i know. it is your job to report all things that happened. but, you should know that your news is not only about dirty politics, and celebrities world, or even an abortion. it should be wider than that. my cousin takes journalism course, and yes, she did agree about all tabloids dirty games. political issues, abortions at some 'kampung', abortions between 'sekolah pondok' teenagers. it is all about money and ranking. not about the citizens, and most importantly it is not about YOU friends! write-lah something about that can motivating them. encouraging them. something that can bring positive and meaningful to them. it will helps, at least, decreasing discipline graph in Malaysia.

so lets help teachers, 'ringankan beban, berganding tangan'. :)

mesej komuniti ini disampaikan oleh saya, cik raja zainab. 

feel the passion, feel the care <3


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