Saturday, November 27, 2010

blessing saturday.

as salam everyone.

well today is saturday. my blessing saturday.

nothing much happen today, just keeping house clean before encik bf and puan gf went back home.

they're out for some matters, which-i-don't-even-know.

i asked my brothers and sister to help me. so we can clean it up fast. 

we swept, mop, vacuum, altogether, before it turned messed when my angah shouted and yelled at my 

brothers and sister because they not that cekap. who cares angah? janji they do it. i don't like it. i asked them 

all to go to my room and lipat baju. i don't want they think that they're not important in this house. 

then, all of them sleep. okey. i'm lying. nampak macam happy family when they sleep. hahaha. 

well actually they start to play bola then. sweat like a pig over and over again. 

i heart all my littles so damn much. 

thank you sayangs for helping me today. may Allah bless sayang-sayang forever.

p.s: I still hope for miracle today. please Allah.

WL: enabcantiksangat

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