Sunday, February 24, 2013

# please stay. just stay.

assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello friends.

everytime i wake up, the first thing comes up is, what day is today? Alhamdulillah. today is Sunday. another day of preparing myself to be a good one young lady.

i never thought that i will be on this age, having such a plenty good girl friends, that i can spend my most time with them by sharing stories, ideas and gossips. oh, forgot, i've got less than 3 guys person that i could share gossips. hee :)


everyday, i will said this magical words, "if i am not perfect, then i don't have to expect the others will ". so, in case i've got mad with my friends, i will tell myself this. every man on earth will never be perfect. we're like a pipe hose. the longer the pipe have been used, the more it can wear and tear. so were we. the more we live, the more we do mistakes. so, lesson #1, never expect the others perfect--

then, there will be a day with storm. in friendhood, we sometimes talking back each other. then, we will be good. then it recycle till we die. it is common. sometimes, we just saying this and that so we could reflect ourselves, we are just a human being. we want to let go some negative thinking by letting that feeling bad to some friend. maybe, we can count ourselves a new perspective about being in this relationship. lesson #2, it is okay if you talking back. BUT! you must have look the right person. if he/she cannot be trusted, then don't jump into the volcano guys... you MUST KNOW who is your friend.

a backstabber? yes. in the middle time of being a good friend, you must learn from backstabber. how hurt you are when you had been stabbed from your back? so then, you will never think about to back stab others, right? unless, you have some notion on get revenge, so there is nothing i could say. then, lesson #3, i should say is, learn from your backstabber.


enough of three some tips being a good friend. in my life, i just hope that i would be the greatest friend that my friend dreams to be. but, yeah, we never be the same, and i just accept them the way they are. so let this ships plough the rough seas, and please stay with me. and i will just stay for you.  :)

love, .RZ.


ctee hasxiera said...

its true and i miss you

Naim Iman said...

friends story never ending. susah ak puaskan hati semua. just terima seadanya. miss u kakak :)