Thursday, February 7, 2013

# long smiled day.

assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello friends~

I've got a shock early this morning when AngAng call and said she'll be at my school less than 10 minutes. well, since I did my best last week, so this is my perfect 2 hours to deal with. real observation by AngAng. did or didn't I passed today?

since the title can be guessed, well, yes. I did passed my first observation with flying colours! yeay me! AngAng said that I have improved a lot and I really did what she told me to do. she also finally relief and enjoying my class because it so....pure. I am not quite sure about the purity about, but to be honest, I am satisfied with myself today. the class also, they really enjoyed the MonyetMonyet game, just rainy days messed it up little.

so, a compliment by AngAng really can made my day? really huh?

well, he as i called my CR just another story. we're chit chatting since i have my last class-pause for meeting-continued-pause for driving home-continued till now. it seems like back days, we're finally have this long-long conversation. sharing thoughts, stress, and also dreams.  he's now matured, and ambitous. what really made my day is, he ask me something that i don't even know how to answer it. and i just said "tanya ayahlah" and he said ok. urgh~~ i failed actually about this kind of question. the answer is just something but to be true, i don't even know how to react when he giving me the question. duh~~ "errr, entah. jom?" was my really stupid action when the question was given. poor myself. but true me said, you have irradiate my stressful week CR. thankyou for that.

about the Moral, the Ketua Panitia just ask me to handle a bank soalan for Moral. i don't really get that. i will ask her tomorrow.

so today, 9/10 reasons to smile is ON.

love, RZ

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