Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Class Clown

you inspire us.

as a teacher to be, i really hope that one day, i could inspire my student enough. i hope that my student could remember each word i said. i really hope that will happen to me.  as for me, there is a reason, why a teacher should be a class clown. watch this please.

i used to play as a singer in the class. i used to play as a song writer. i used to play as a broken arm teacher. etc etc. all this because i love teaching. i love them, my student. i love the way they interested. i love when i inspired them. as Alex, being a teacher is more being a friend. we listen and we understand. especially once when we're teaching the city boy/girl. it's a bit different when we are kampung teacher. they still obey yet a little naughty.  compared to city boy/girl, they doesn't care about the rules, all they know is, they are much wiser than a teacher so they got boring all time. ironic. so, as a teacher, i have to lowered my EGO. we know that student or teenager or even a primary school boy/girl, they are really egocentric. there we need the win-win situation.

i guess, my ambition is to be a very AWESOME, SUCCESSFUL CLASS CLOWN.

till then, #PrayForGaza guys.

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Naim Iman said...

u could b the succesful class clown. u even a clown in ipgktb *carot* hahaha

maizatul suraya said...

a clown, always a clown. :)